No.31: Sedbergh

Sedbergh is where I went to school and I can say with certainty that it was wasted on teenage me.

In contrast, I wasted no time getting into the hills and filling myself up with beautiful views and scenery as an adult(!?).


The town itself is a renowned book town, and there are more book shops on each corner than you would ever expect, and really cute lanes lined with stone houses.


Sedbergh is overlooked by a hill called Winder – my good friend Matt and I decided to re-visit this wonderful mound – this is where we used to sneak off to smoke cigarettes and drink cheap wine – the path was etched in our memories and we really didn’t struggle to find our way.


It’s a 35/40 minute climb, with views that open up more and more as you get higher and higher.


After summiting, we headed back down and gravitated towards the Dalesman to grab a celebratory pint.

Next, we trailed into the schools grounds for a hit of nostalgia – everything seemed smaller, but somehow imposing!? (and a little bit like a school for witch-craft and wizardry).


There was one particular part of the grounds that stuck out.

As idiot teenagers, some friends and I were particularly taken with the idea of jumping off of and into things – there was a specific bush that became our main venue for this, sadly I’m sporting a cracked rib at the moment so the stunts were nowhere near as impressive this time around.

I’ve still got it…

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