No.26: Surprise View

I splashed out this week – the weather was hitting 28-30 degrees and there is really only one place that you want to be in England when that happens.


Cumbria is great because it is only 2 hours and 50 minutes from London, the downside is that if you want to go spontaneously, it will set you back £103 for a return ticket – book in advance!!

I’ve not been to Killington Lake in over 11 years, it sits over from the M6 (surprisingly quietly) between Kendal and Sedbergh. A good friend met me at the station and loaded me and his family up in the car with paddle boards and Kayaks. I’m too scared to take my camera on the water, so you’ll just have to imagine what that was like… It was awesome.


Next up, another friend came by to get me in his beautiful little sports car/early mid-life crisis and shipped me off at break neck speed to pick up his wife so that we could go camping for the night at my favourite spot in Borrowdale.

As we pulled up the ‘road’ that leads to the camp site, our hearts sank to see that there wasn’t a single pitch available and that it had been taken over by big groups of ‘Lads’ and hippies – I told 3 people in London about this place and now it’s ruined… Raging!

But not for long, a little while later something amazing happened. How amazing? This amazing…


My friend Matt pulled the car onto a thin and winding road that led up a hill, past the incredible goblin bridge in the main photo, meandering through woodland until eventually out of nowhere…


Surprise view.

Friends always save the day, usually with a smile and sometimes even a wry – sexy – finger nibble.


2 thoughts on “No.26: Surprise View

  1. Almost missed the best photo in this week’s episode – the header one – because I normally start receiving content from below that. Glad I clicked-through to see it.


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