No. 23: Sorrento

Possibly one of the most beautiful towns I’ve been lucky enough to visit, Sorrento sits on the Amalfi coast in Italy with spectacular views across the bay to Vesuvius which would have provided front row tickets to the apocalypse in 79AD when it erupted, sealing and preserving the fates of many, most notably in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

However I was in Sorrento to watch a far bigger natural event, which measured much higher on the Volcanic Explosive Index than Vesuvius and created legends and tales far greater than anything that has passed before… I’m talking of course, about the wedding of Andrew and Francesca Windle.


Blessed in the golden light of a perfect sunset by a Surreptitious Seagull, a union that was 9 and a half years in the making came to permanence in a perfect mix of…





Natural Beauty…


Actual Beauty…






Great Friends


And questions about how the nights end…


This was one to remember and the fossilised remains of everyone in attendance will be ogled and marvelled at for millennia to come by tourists and copy cats alike – but know that there was only ever one Chindle wedding.

It erupted on the 9th of June 2018 – it still rages even as you read these words…


And will for all the years to come.

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