No.18: Berkhamsted

Berkhamsted is about 26 miles from London, 30 minutes by train. It’s an historic market town with great access to the Chiltern Hills and a slightly empty patch of land where a castle used to be.


It’s not that exciting, but you can have a nice amble around in the grounds and it was good for a game of Frisbee.

From here we headed out to the Chiltern Hills, which appear from behind a cricket pitch  and are reached through a succession of fields that were lined with blossoming flowers and a rickety farm complete with twisted car wrecks and striking corrugated steel Silos – Kind of like a budget British version of Clark Kents farm in Superman.

AfterlightImage 8

5 minutes later and we were in undisturbed countryside, starting with beautiful woodland interspersed with clearings and the sound of cuckoos hooting away in the background – I closed my eyes, breathed it in and stored it away for the next weeks commute!

AfterlightImage 6

After an hour or so, the dogs were in danger of over heating so we headed back in search of a pub, like responsible owners.

Back in Berkhamsted, we headed down a very good looking stretch of canal in search of somewhere for a bite to eat – the houses were really pretty, particularly this one.

AfterlightImage 2


At the pub (The Rising Sun) the puppy was still looking pretty hot so I did the right thing and threw him in the canal to cool down while I munched on some recommendable nachos… He’s still not talking to me.

Other than to tell you the particular distance from Berkhamsted to Braunston

AfterlightImage 3


There’s not much else to say, this was a lovely day trip – do it (and get the Nachos!)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<BIG NEWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m doing a charity fundraising challenge in August to raise money for CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably – a charity that is dedicated to providing support for men with mental health issues. To find out more, please visit: and donate where possible.

Robin xx




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